9 Tips to Wear Headphones and Glasses in a Comfortable Way

9 Tips to Wear Headphones and Glasses in a Comfortable Way

Do you have a hard time wearing headphones and glasses together? Here are nine tips to make it more comfortable.

Are you someone who likes to wear both glasses and headphones? If so, then you already know that it isn't always comfortable. Fortunately, many techniques are available to make the combination easier and more enjoyable.

In this blog post, we will look at 9 top tips for wearing headphones comfortably with glasses. We'll explore how to adjust your frames, select suitable headphone materials and designs, as well ways to reduce distracting pressure points around your ears and temples.

So, whether you constantly battle eyestrain or just want to rock out while staying fashionable, these tips will help make sure that your wearing experience is eye-catching and headache-free.

Types of Headphones

Types of Headphones

Headphones come in a variety of types, designed to suit any type of audio consumer. Whether you're an audiophile looking for the best sound possible or an everyday consumer searching for more comfortable earbuds, a pair of headphones is ideal for your needs.  Over-ear headphones provide strong bass and excellent noise cancellation capabilities, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in their music.

On-ear models are low-profile in design, making them ideal for wearing with glasses and discreetly slipping into a pocket or purse when not in use. In-ear headphones offer superior sound quality on the go, while wireless designs allow you ultimate freedom without sacrificing quality.

With so many options available, finding the perfect pair of headphones to meet both style and sound requirements is becoming more accessible.

Major Discomforts Wearing Headphones and Glasses Together

Major Discomforts Wearing Headphones and Glasses Together

Wearing headphones and glasses together can be a major source of discomfort. Glasses can be tight and slip, while the headphones can press onto the ear area and on the temples, causing headaches and inflamed skin. This could lead to excessive heat production around the ears, clogged ears, and an uncomfortable feeling.

Additionally, wire-framed glasses can get caught in headphone loops, disrupting your audio experience as well as potentially causing damage to both engines of listening and seeing enjoyment. For those times you need to wear both accessories, it's important to find a greater balance between comfort and performance.

1. Getting Headaches and Migraines

Experiencing simultaneous headaches and migraine can be a major inconvenience with physical discomforts. It can also disrupt an individual's activities of daily living, causing additional stress and unrest. Wearing headphones and glasses together can amplify headaches and migraines for some individuals due to the added pressure on their heads--particularly behind the ears where glasses rest. Thus, people should use caution when wearing headphones or glasses in unison to prevent increased discomfort.

2. Auricular Chondrites and Sore Ears

When wearing headphones and glasses together, one of the major discomforts is auricular chondritis or sore ears. This condition occurs when the ear canal cartilage is pressed too tightly against the glasses frames. The pressure causes redness, tenderness, and sometimes even swelling in your ears. In some rare cases, you may even feel a throbbing sensation at the site of contact between both items.

Fortunately, this condition can be prevented by reducing the time spent wearing both items together and ensuring that both fit more comfortably on your head. Additionally, investing in custom moulded headphones can alleviate any issues with discomfort while still allowing you to enjoy listening to whatever audio your heart desires.

3. General Pain and Discomfort

For some people, wearing headphones and glasses can be a major source of discomfort. The tight elastic band of your headphones will likely cause you to have a headache, as well as red marks across the back of your ears where the earcups press against you.

Additionally, if your glasses are not properly positioned on the bridge of your nose and behind your ears, they may slide off or feel too heavy for extended periods of time. Finally, headphone earcups may also put unnecessary additional pressure on the sides and bridge of your frame, making it incredibly uncomfortable to wear both devices simultaneously.

How to Wear Glasses with Headphones

How to Wear Glasses with Headphones

Wearing glasses with headphones may seem like an impossible fashion feat, but it can be done. It's all about finding the right frames that fit comfortably and look stylish and balanced with a pair of headphones. Here are nine tips for wearing glasses with headphones:

1. Wear Glasses with Thin, Narrow Frames

It's not uncommon for people who wear glasses to have difficulty wearing headphones on top of their frames. To make sure you're comfortable, it is important to choose a pair of glasses with the right frame shape. Thin or narrow frames are ideal when pairing glasses with headphones since they don't interfere as much with the headphone bands resting on your head.

By selecting more lightweight glasses and narrow frames, you'll find that balancing both items becomes much less hard work.

2. Lift Up the Temples of Your Glasses

To ensure comfort and style when you rock both glasses and headphones, make sure to lift the temples of your glasses away from the area in which your earphones rest. This will reduce any pressure on your ears created by both items and keep you looking slick.  Fortunately, this simple trick doesn't detract in any way from the quality of sound that your headphones provide, so there is no need to worry about that aspect of using them!

3. Choose Over-Ear Headphones

Sporting eyeglasses while wearing headphones can be tricky, but it's far from impossible. To create the most comfortable experience, consider choosing over-ear headphones. This style of headphones rests fully outside of your ears rather than directly inside like in-ear headphones. Doing so avoids direct contact between any part of the headgear and the frames of your glasses, reducing the chance of pressure being applied to your lenses or face.

4. Choose Headphones with Softer Material

For glasses-wearers, the fourth tip for selecting a pair of headphones is to prioritize those made with softer materials, such as foam or leather. These materials are less likely to dig into your temples or ears when worn with glasses, allowing for an easier experience listening to music without having to fiddle with the fit every five minutes. Additionally, be sure that the headband on your headphones fits comfortably around your entire head and can easily adjust to accommodate any kind of glasses frame.

5. Reposition Your Headset to a More Comfortable Spot

Wearing both glasses and headphones together can sometimes feel uncomfortable - but it doesn't have to be! Five-reposition your headset to a more comfortable spot. You may find that the standard instructions suggest wearing them too high or too low – make sure they are placed in an ergonomic position that you find comfortable. If the pressure from your headset is causing your ears to become sore, add some foam covers that provide extra cushioning as needed.

6. Reposition Your Headset

Repositioning your headset is an easy way to adjust the fit of your glasses and headphones for a more comfortable experience. The headbands on your headset will naturally sit above the temples of your glasses. If this doesn't create enough room around the earpieces, simply slide them down slightly so they rest just above the stems of your glasses.

7. Use a Piece of Tissue between Your Frames and Your Head

Wearing headphones with glasses can sometimes be tricky, but there are several simple tips to help make the experience more comfortable. One of the most sure-fire ways to ensure that your frames don't get bent up and uncomfortable during your audio session is by placing a piece of tissue between your frames and your head. This technique creates an extra cushion, making them feel more secure while you relax with some tunes!

8. Choose Headphones with Thicker Ear Padding

Fortunately, there are tricks to make wearing glasses with your headphones much more manageable, starting with finding the right pair. Be sure to look for earphones with thicker padding on the earcups for comfort and so that your frames won't get as easily squished between them. This extra bit of cushioning also helps when jogging or doing other exercises.

9. Fabric and velour earpads are your best friends

Additionally, fabric and velour earpads are especially helpful when combining them with glasses; they distribute weight more evenly over your ears and have an extra layer of padding which is softer on your skin.  

Follow these tips for an enjoyable pair of headphones that you can wear comfortably even if you wear glasses!


Wearing headphones and glasses together can be uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be. You can adjust the fit of your headphones and glasses to make them work together more comfortably. By following these nine tips, you can find a comfortable way to wear headphones and glasses simultaneously.

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