Wearable technology has come a long way and made a revolutionary thing known as a smartwatch. We never imagined that wearing a wristwatch would drastically improve their wearers’ lives. Everything changes with time and if you want to stay in the market then you must bring innovation to your products. There are many examples in our past of how a great product generating hefty revenues turns into a piece of trash just because they stick to their products and did not bring any innovation. The rapidly evolving technology industry met the horological sector, merging digital efficiency with more innovation by giving birth to smartwatches. While many of the companies did not give heed, others began working on ways to launch their new additions in their lineups.


In today’s tech-loving era, smartwatches have become an on-the-go gadget. They have a great number of features in terms of health, communication, and navigation monitoring that make the user more interested. Now you cannot be distracted while driving to check your mobile phone for important notifications, you can easily manage your steps while walking and check your burned calories with your smartwatch for many more benefits. People find it more accommodating to get information from their wrist rather than to use both hands with their smartphones. It simplifies your life and saves time. When it comes to buying a smartwatch, there are many options available but there are many other things to look upon like price and other features like water resistance, size, style. Buy the one that fits well with your lifestyle and comes under your budget.


Apple Watch Series 6: It builds on everything that people appreciated about series 5. From their design to their high-resolution displays, excellent health and fitness add charms to their features. You can even check blood oxygen levels and monitor heart rates through their powerful sensors. Now check over your sleeping schedule. You can call or text from your wrist. There is an option like Apple Pay which lets you pay from your watch. Everything is good but one thing that is also considerable is its battery life that lasts a day only. This Apple watch is a mini iPhone on your wrist.



  1. Wide ranges of straps.
  2. Great design and fitness.


    1. Battery life.
    2. It’s very pricey.
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Fitbit Versa 3: The third edition of Fitbit Versa 3 is the latest smartwatch and the fully updated version of Versa 2. The Fitbit Versa 3 can record your sleeping patterns as well as to check on your blood oxygen level through their SpO2 sensor. Battery life also has been upgraded with 6+ days of use. It seamlessly connects with your phone. We cannot deny that the look is very stylish as well and the screen is even bigger. If you feel stressed, then the watch has a guided breathing session that can make you feel calmer.



      1. Touchscreen.
      2. Customizable straps.
      3. GPS.
      4. Rapid charging option.


    1. You must pay for some premium membership to access some features.
    2. Health stats are quite limited if we compare it to the Fitbit Sense.
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      Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: It is built with such a nice and light feel with a premium build. It comes in 41mm and 45mm with a memory of 1GB RAM + 8GB internal memory. It enables you to enjoy functions like fitness tracking, quick access to notification, and health monitoring with the iconic rotating ring which is the best way to go through the menu. Until now Samsung is fulfilling almost every expectation, but the only drawback is their battery timings, and it is one of the main concerns if you are having a busy routine.



      1. Best notification handling.
      2. Great health and tracking features.
      3. Loudspeaker for direct phone calls even in 41mm version.


      1. Disappointing battery.
      2. Expensive.
      3. The ECG features are certified to work only in South Korea and the US.
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        Garmin Vivoactive 4: Garmin Vivoactive 4 is quite like Vivoactive 3. Vivoactive 4 is considerably bigger and better. If you want something slim and light, there is another version of Vivoactive 4S with a smaller screen and a battery. This smartwatch has many features for sports lovers with new upgraded designs. It includes free animation workouts. It also keeps track of your activities like energy, fitness, sleep, stress, etc. Battery life is up to 6 hours for GPS or music mode.


        1. Great for athletes.
        2. Simple push-button.
        3. Multiple navigation protocols.


        1. Does not work well with other apps.
        2. Poor battery life as compared to other models.
        3. A bit expensive.
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          TAG Heuer Connected 3: Tag Heuer is a known premium brand in the watch industry as it is one of the major watch-making brands that has also tried to be the best in smartwatches. This third-generation watch is not just about looks. It consists of 1GB RAM and 4GB storage. It gives a comfortable feel and if we talk about design then it’s sort of casual looking, suitable for the workplace. It’s not good for sporty activities because of the features.


          1. Ability to change the watch face.
          2. Compatible with iOS and Android.


          1. Does not come with its own health app.
          2. No GPS and health rate monitor.
          3. Not waterproof.
            Tranya smartwatch

            TranyaGo: Tranya has been leading the technology world in terms of manufacturing and providing the best products to all your needs at affordable prices. Tranya is now launching its smartwatch “TranyaGo” in Mid-July 2021 for the people who prefer an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s a lightweight and stylish 1.69-inch HD bright display smartwatch for everyday commutes. Our TranyaGo smartwatch comes with 9 different sport modes with an auto working track. You can also control your favorite songs and access notification easily while working out or driving. And there is good news for all swimming lovers. Now you can dive freely without worrying about your smartwatch because it comes with IP-68 waterproof standards. You can also keep monitoring your heart rate 24/7 due to its powerful sensors. The main concern is mostly battery timings and if you remain outdoors and don’t have much time to charge then this is a perfect choice for you, charge just for 2 hours and enjoy up to 7-10 days. Also, personalize your watch face according to your mood and style. It is also compatible with android as well as iOS. It is available in 3 attractive colors at $79.

            TranyaGo smartwatch

            Why choose TranyaGo Smartwatch?


            If you want a smartwatch within a budget, then you should check TranyaGo launching soon. Why spend a heavy amount when you can get the same features in TranyaGo with amazing battery timings. We are here striving every day to provide you the best so just don’t sit back and get your hands on the most appealing smartwatch by Tranya.



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