cVc 8.0 Technology for Superior Clarity Call Quality: Things You Need to Know

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What is cVc 8.0?

Qualcomm, a leading company in mobile technology, rolled out its latest clear voice capture technology, cVc 8.0, back in April 2019. To date, it has remained the company’s best performing noise cancellation technology that vastly improves one’s sound clarity in diverse scenarios.

cVc 8.0 brings on tremendous improvements and hence is a big upgrade over its predecessors. Soon after its debut, many sound gadget manufacturers started incorporating Qualcomm’s latest clear voice capture feature in their products. Unlike ANC, cVc 8.0 is a software-based approach to improving one’s sound quality over a phone call. It works by reducing/eliminating ambient noises with state-of-the-art precision, thus making your voice sound clearer to the other person on the line even if you are in one of the noisiest environments!

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at how cVc 8.0 technology works and what are its benefits to end-users. In addition, we will also take a look at its diverse range of applications as well as discuss its potential future developments in field sectors where cVc 8.0 is not fully implemented yet!

So, stay tuned with us as we take a deep plunge into Qualcomm’s latest clear voice capture technology.

How Does cVc 8.0 Technology Work?

cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation Working

Figure 2: cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation Working

As glimpsed above, cVc 8.0 technology is a big upgrade in Qualcomm’s clear voice capture tech hierarchy.

Be it one of the earliest sound quality features, such as packet loss concealment and comfort noise generation, or one of the more recent ones, such as multi-microphone support and low latency mode, cVc 8.0 brings everything to perfection, just like how accurately joining together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle results in one complete picture!

Moreover, with cVc 8.0, Qualcomm has simply outshined its competition in 3 distinct categories: noise suppression, echo cancellation, and voice enhancement features. These 3 categories have seen the biggest improvement with the release of cVc 8.0 as explained below.

- The noise suppression feature

Noise suppression is a feature that reduces background noise picked up by the microphone. Some common issues pertaining to it include traffic horns, breezing wind, and people chattering nearby when you are talking on a phone call.

In order to effectively eliminate these background noises, cVc 8.0 works by sending out opposite sound waves that effectively cancel out each other when they meet. Consequently, the resulting effect is a significantly reduced ambient sound that a microphone can barely register. In other words, there is no intelligible background noise, thus making you sound clearer to the other person on the line. For all this to work, cVc 8.0 makes use of adaptive algorithms and is, as such, capable of filtering out up to 30 decibels of ambient noise.

- The echo cancellation feature

Echo cancellation is a feature that is designed to eliminate acoustic echoes resulting when the sound from the speaker is picked up by your microphone. This makes the other person hear their voice again via your device and can hence make you sound unintelligible. This happens when yours’ and their sounds mix and end up being jumbled together.

cVc 8.0, using Qualcomm’s latest industry-standard algorithms for echo cancellation, can detect such “echo” sounds from the speaker and remove such conflicting signals. The result is then a more natural and smooth conversation between the two people in question. In addition, echo cancellation also helps in reducing feedback and howling noises that may occur when using headphones or earbuds.

- The voice enhancement feature

There are many complex features that are in a continuous loop to improve your sound quality over a phone call. The voice enhancement feature is one such “complex” feature. As is the case almost every single time, the level of background noise is never the same. It keeps on changing; increasing and decreasing with time.

This is where the cVc 8.0’s voice enhancement comes into the picture. It constantly monitors and precisely adjusts your voice’s volume, frequency, as well as equalization so that your voice sounds the same while all other background noises are effectively eliminated!

Benefits of cVc 8.0 Technology for Call Quality

Benefits of cVc 8.0 Technology

Figure 3: Benefits of cVc 8.0 Technology

As seen above, the benefits of cVc 8.0 are as much as one can count! It immensely improves your voice clarity and is capable of functioning optimally in diverse situations. This is because Qualcomm’s latest clear voice capture technology is designed to perform as perfectly during a rainy thunderstorm as it is in a busy urban street! Here is an overview of some of the benefits of cVc 8.0 Technology for Call Quality.

- Clearer Voice Transmission

The first and foremost noticeable change that you feel with a device equipped with cVc 8.0 is a clearer voice transmission. Even in a situation that is brimming with all sorts of background noises, Qualcomm’s latest clear voice capture technology eliminates all such noisy disturbances that may interfere with your voice transmission.

With a cVc 8.0 equipped device, you can forget about car horns, tire screeches, people shouting, children crying, or anything else that might interfere with your voice. cVc 8.0 detects and isolates your voice from the background noise, reducing its volume by up to 30 decibels! Consequently, no matter what situation you are in, the person on the other side of the line will be able to hear you as if you are in a quieter calmer space.

For example, if you are making a call in a busy food street, cVc 8.0 will cancel out the background noise of people chattering, and music playing, as well as any wind gusts that may interfere with your voice.

- Improved Speech Intelligibility

In addition, sometimes our own environment can make us sound unintelligible. People in the library tend to speak overly quietly over a phone call which can make them sound incomprehensible to the person on the other side of the line. A cVc 8.0-equipped device can help people deal with such situations without sacrificing the values/rules of the environment. It enhances the frequency and quality of your voice as well as the voice of the other person on the other end. As such, this makes it easier to understand each other.

Unless you are yourself being deliberately unintelligible, there are no statements like “Can you say that again”, “What did you say?” or “Can you repeat what you just said?” Qualcomm’s clear voice capture is designed to eradicate all such factors that impact your speech intelligibility with top-notch precision!

For example, if you are making a call in a loud environment where you tend to sound louder (and harsher), cVc 8.0 can decrease the volume and harshness of your voice and make it more comfortable and smoother for the person on the other side of the line. Also, it will increase the other person’s voice so that you can hear it clearly in your loud environment.

- Better Echo Cancellation

Among the many factors that cause disturbances in voice communication over a phone call, echo sound is likely to take the limelight spot in the top 3. Indeed, it feels very weird to hear your own sound right after you have spoken over a phone call.

It happens when the microphone on the other end of the line picks up your voice from the speaker or when it reflects off a solid surface. Talking to someone in a big art gallery can sometimes result in echo sounds. However, no matter what is causing the issue, cVc 8.0 is here to the rescue! A cVc 8.0-equipped device effectively deals with echo cancellation.

For example, if you are making a call to someone in a large room or hall, cVc 8.0 will minimize the echo to a bare minimum when your voice reflects off the walls or ceiling or even the speaker, thus keeping the conversation natural.

Applications of cVc 8.0 Technology

cVc 8.0 Applications in Headphones and Smartphones

Figure 4: cVc 8.0 Applications in Headphones and Smartphones

As said earlier in the article, cVc 8.0 is a software-based solution in the field of electronic sounds. And because it uses computer algorithms to improve the quality and clarity of your voice, cVc 8.0 becomes a versatile software that can work optimally with a wide range of electronic products.

- Use of cVc 8.0 in Headphones and Earphones

When talking about the applications of cVc 8.0 technology, it is impossible not to mention headphones and their smaller counterparts. This comes about since Qualcomm developed cVc 8.0 primarily for headphones and earphones.

Consequently, the majority of top-tier headphones and earphones manufactured after April 2019 incorporate Qualcomm’s latest clear voice capture tech; cVc 8.0.

The X3 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Earbuds by TRANYA and Life P2 Wireless Earbuds by Soundcore are just two of the many electronic audio products that use cVc 8.0 technology.

- Implementation of cVc 8.0 in Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices

Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0 can also be found on mobile devices as well. One Plus 9 Pro has a quad microphone system with a cVc 8.0 noise reduction feature for crystal clear voice calls. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra also features the same quad microphone system equipped with the cVc 8.0 feature.

- Integration of cVc 8.0 in Video Conferencing Software

Since video conferences take place in large spaces that include many people, the probability of getting background noises and other issues such as echo sounds is high. Therefore, many video conferencing software incorporates cVc 8.0 in their platform’s code. For instance, two of the world’s most popular video conferencing platforms, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, include cVc 8.0 support in their video conferencing software.

Future Developments of cVc 8.0 Technology

Future Development of cVc 8.0

Figure 5: Future Development of cVc 8.0

Now in case you are wondering we have reached the end of the topic, then know that we are just getting warmed up. Whatever we have discussed so far is just the tip of the iceberg! There is a lot more room for potential developments of cVc 8.0 technology in the near future.

- Potential Advancements in Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation

The primary sector that is bound to see definite improvement is the adaptive filtering algorithm that estimates and cancels out the noise spectrum and the echo path. Potential improvements here will result in enhanced convergence speed, stability, and accuracy of noise reduction and echo cancellation processes.

Moreover, if beamforming techniques get integrated with cVc 8.0 technology, we could also see improvement in spatial selectivity and noise immunity of the microphone array.

- Expansion Of cVc 8.0 Technology to Other Communication Devices

Moreover, Smart Speakers and Voice Assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, are also a means of electronic communication besides headphones, earbuds, and video conferencing platforms. An expansion of cVc 8.0 technology here will potentially result in clearer voice recognition and exterminate feedback in noisy or echo-prone rooms.

- Integration Of cVc 8.0 With Other Technologies, Such as AI And Machine Learning

In addition, cVc 8.0 can also integrate with other technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. AI-based noise classification and suppression techniques can help AI platforms to better identify and filter out different types of noise such as traffic, wind, music, etc.

A further dive into machine learning-based echo cancellation that uses cVc 8.0 tech can significantly perform better in learning and adapting to changing acoustic environments and speaker characteristics based on data-driven methods. Some of the criteria include room size, speaker position, as well as furniture shape.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, one thing that has been made crystal clear so far is that Qualcomm’s latest clear voice capture technology is an industry-standard noise cancellation feature that comes bundled with tons of other useful utilities. As of 2023, it is Qualcomm’s most advanced and highly intelligent clear voice capture technology yet.

What do you think? Will we further see improvement and development in cVc 8.0 or its time for Qualcomm to release cVc 9.0? Share your thoughts with us and let us know in the comments below!

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