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How do Noise Cancelling Earbuds Work?

Earbuds are introduced with the latest noise cancellation technology that is of most use when you don't want to miss the detail of what you are listening to and likewise, you don't want any distractions due to the external noises that interrupts your listening or working.


Just imagine how wonderful it would be to have a noise-free background whether you are travelling in an airplane or in a subway or working in a noisy environment. Earbuds have become a necessity these days due to their unique designs and features that were missing in the old wired earphones. Wireless earbuds not only ease the user to do the routine tasks, workouts, etc but are also very comfortable. Along with the other incredible features, most of the earbuds are introduced with the latest noise cancellation technology that is of most use when you don't want to miss the detail of what you are listening to and likewise, you don't want any distractions due to the external noises that interrupts your listening or working mode.

Different Types of Noise Cancellation in Earbuds

The noise cancellation technology helps in reducing the external / background noises by cancelling them and allows you to listen to crystal-clear sound. Mainly, there are three types of noise cancellation technologies in earbuds which are discussed below:

  1. Active Noise Cancellation: Active noise cancellation greatly reduces the level of unwanted noise from the environment that leads to a better listening experience. Active noise cancelling earbuds use the advanced materials that are made of to block out all the external noises. They take things one step ahead by generating their own sound waves by detecting the immediate environment sound and break it into components that are known as the sound waves. The sound waves they produce mimic the outside noise and are the “mirror image” of each other and therefore they cancel each other out, this is how you get crystal clear sound because this whole phenomenon blocks out the noisy ambient voice. 
  1. Passive Noise Cancellation: Passive noise cancellation is also known as noise isolation, that is the simplest form of noise cancellation. It is all about the physical and the mechanical design of the earcups. There has to be some physical barrier that prevents the voice from entering into your ear. If you have ever worn a pair of earmuffs to avoid cold, you must have noticed how great they work as a passive noise cancellation. It isolates you from the surrounding background. Just like how earmuffs soften the outside noise, that is how these earbuds reduce the background noise in a greater and friendly way. People who use the subway a lot in their daily commutes, these PNC earbuds are best for them to avoid all surrounding noises.
  1. Adaptive noise cancellation: This term is new and not so common among people, but tech savvy people must know about it. Adaptive noise cancellation is quite similar to the active noise cancellation but not exactly the same. Just like active noise cancellation works with negative noise to cut off the positive noise in a noisy environment. The main difference is advanced algorithms (computer language) to determine the noise around you and produce the best possible noise cancellation to match your environment.
Most of the people find it hard to sleep because they are very sensitive to any little noise but unfortunately their partner has a problem of snoring loudly, or they have a baby who cries loud at night, or a neighbour that always wants to hear the music loud or some might need these type of noise cancelling earbuds to concentrate on their work on a busy noisy day. As far as the sleep is concerned after a long tiring day, researchers have proven that the noise cancelling earbuds eliminate more noises than any other methods or noise reduction devices. 

Noise cancellation technology is of most use when you are on an official conference call and you don't want to miss each detail of the call as it cancels all the background noises. Also, these tiny earbuds with noise cancellation technology will help you during long flights and protect your ears from hurting.


If you are looking for a great pair of earbuds at a reasonable price with an effective noise cancellation technology, you must check out Tranya's B530 pro earbuds, especially designed to cancel all the environmental noises, enabling you to hear the crystal-clear sound.

A smart pair of earbuds can help you get rid of any embarrassing situation. Now you can stay focused and increase your productivity level. Listen to your important meetings, conferences and crystal clear calls with the help of 8.0 cVc that protects you from unnecessary noises due to its most compatible noise cancellation technology which destroys all other noises coming from the surroundings and after working the whole day. Now block the noises and only hear what you want. B530 pro is equipped with the most advanced qualcomm chipset that drives out the best sound quality. 

B530 Pro gives you the ultimate solution because it works around 64hrs of playtime with the charging case and upto 8hrs of non-stop sound streaming on a single full charge and 1 hour playtime with just 10 minutes of charge.


 Whether you are chilling out somewhere or you just want to relax at home, tranya rimor can be your comfort companion. It is equipped with environmental noise cancelling technology that helps you to escape from distraction through cancelling all the environmental noises and lets you experience the quality sound. Tranya Rimor has got all the advanced features, like touch controls, easy bluetooth pairing, HD audio and a great battery timing of 5 hours per full charge and upto 25 hours with the charging case. You can get your pair of Tranya Rimor and enjoy listening to your favorite tracks while you are at the gym and working out or you want to concentrate on something important avoiding distractions.


Do not get confused with brands selling similar products when you have researched Tranya's products. Tranya ensures to meet your expectations and guarantees to provide the best quality products with most advanced technologies. So, don't wait and get your hands on these earbuds because of the clear, wireless connection, superior sound and comfortable fit & totally secure. The B530 Pro and Rimor earbuds can be the perfect companion while you are at the office or staying at home. These earbuds are amazing from work to workout and everything in between. These are surely the best wireless earbuds you could ever dream of at a reasonable price.


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