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How True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Work? Bluetooth Technology in Earbuds Explained

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Decades back, it was a luxury to have physical collection of the hottest singles or music albums. All thanks to the technological advancements of these days that we can enjoy our playlist on our smartphones. Today, headphones have become an essential component of our everyday carry, letting us jam out to our playlist or listen to podcasts on the go. As many cellphone companies have started dropping the audio jack in their products, the need for wireless earbuds increased.
Numerous times your headphone wires must have caught on something, taking them out of your ears in the middle of your workout or something important. Apart from this, there are many annoyances that are associated with the traditional wired earphones. Out of many reasons, these are four excellent reasons to go wireless.
⦁    No more cords
⦁    Comfortable and convenient
⦁    Enjoy an active lifestyle
⦁    Amazing features
Now, lets talk about how these wireless earbuds work. There must be some medium through which the sound is transferred from your device to your earbuds. What is that? Yes, it is Bluetooth. As many people are embracing this change, some are still a bit wary about understanding and adopting this wireless earbud technology. So before switching to a wireless option, we should have a basic understanding of how Bluetooth earbuds work.

How do Bluetooth Earbuds Work?
Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard which is used for exchanging the data between different devices over short distances using the short-wavelength radio waves. It is a safe way of transferring data and is perfect for short-range, low-cost, low power and wireless transmissions between devices equipped with Bluetooth.
The wireless earbuds connect to devices within a short range by the help of the radio waves without the use of any wires or cable. The wireless earbuds send and receive audio between the Bluetooth-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Hence, it requires to pair with device so that they are synced with each other. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds pair directly to your phone providing you with a wire free experience. 
Now you must be wondering, how the music is transmitted from your smartphone to your wireless Bluetooth earbuds? The answer is by the codec. Codecs compress the data for faster transmission and then decompress it again upon receiving. The codec compresses your phone’s digital audio signal which is then transmitted over the air to your headphones. Both the audio device and your earbuds have codecs so make sure that both the devices you have, support the same codec to work properly.

Bluetooth Versions

Up till now, different versions of Bluetooth have launched. We will be discussing all the versions of Bluetooth that have been launched, below.

Version 1.0 - 3.0 – Bluetooth Classic
Bluetooth versions 1.0 – 3.0, also known as Bluetooth Classic, due to the large amount of energy that was required. This made small devices run low on power very soon.
The first version of Bluetooth, Bluetooth 1.0 came out in 1999. And since then, there has been many revisions in its technology. The main purpose of Bluetooth was to replace the wired communication. Bluetooth 1.0 was far slower than what we have now. Data speeds capped off at 1 Mbps and the range only reached as far as 10 meters. 
When Bluetooth 2.0 came out, resulted in unprecedented data speeds of 2 Mbps and 3 Mbps, respectively.
Bluetooth 3.0 had a further improved speed with the addition of 802.11 for up to 24 Mbps of data transfer.

Versions 4.0 – 5.0: Bluetooth Low Energy
As the previous versions of Bluetooth consumed large amount of energy, Bluetooth 4.0 was introduced with a new category of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE returns to a lower data throughput of 1Mbps. Bluetooth Low Energy is designed to reduce the energy usage of Bluetooth peripherals.
Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard. With Bluetooth 5.0, all the audio devices communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy, which uses low power and hence provides longer battery life. The primary uses of Bluetooth 5. are improved speed and increased range. Bluetooth 5.0 offers four various data rates to provide a variety of transmission ranges of 2Mbps, 1Mbps, 500kbps and 125kbps. It is faster and can be used over greater distances than the previous versions of Bluetooth. an increase in transmission range requires a reduction in data rate, the lower data rate of 125kbps was added to support applications that gain more from improved range.

Tranya B530 Pro – Bluetooth 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds

Tranya Wireless B530 Pro is totally hands-free as well as chord-free. No one wants the wire all around their bodies and you must be tired from the tangled wires. B530 Pro has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which allows you to talk and walk around easily as it has increased the speed of transmission and the range. You can do all the chores while taking a phone call or listening to your playlist. The Tranya's wireless B530 Pro earbuds are the right pair for you to multi-task. If you are a game lover, these earbuds are just the right choice for you as these earbuds are aptX and AAC compatible which reduces the latency, making the audio glitch-free and synchronize correctly.

Product features

  • Advanced Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset
  • aptX and AAC compatible
  • cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation
  • 10 Hours Playtime Per Full Charge
  • 80 Hours Playtime with Charging Case
  • Multiple Modes
  • IPX5 Waterproof


When various phone companies killed the headphone jack on the new devices, Bluetooth connectivity became the new standard for audio connectivity. Now that you have learned about how the Bluetooth works and what are the different versions of Bluetooth are, you can now explore true wireless Bluetooth earbuds of your choice for your favorite songs. There are plenty of reasons for choosing wireless earbuds over the wired earphones. They are great for gym, running/jogging, working, commuting, or relaxing while tuning in to your playlist. Tranya B530 Pro earbuds stay firmly in your ears providing you the freedom to move freely while on a phone call or while working out. Get ready for the best listening experience of your life in a very reasonable price with Tranya True Wireless Bluetooth B530 Pro Earbuds.

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