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Level Up Your Listening Experience with T3 Pro

T3 Pro, being the most beloved model of Tranya wireless earbuds lineup, features lightweight finish, IPX5 water-resistance, 64-hour playback time, and latest Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, making it the perfect choice for workouts, music listening, and conference calls.

T3 Pro, being the most beloved model of Tranya wireless earbuds lineup, features lightweight finish, IPX5 water-resistance, 64-hour playback time, and latest Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, making it the perfect choice for workouts, music listening, and conference calls. Today we are introducing T3 Pro, the latest addition to Tranya’s wireless earbuds family that enhances almost every aspect of T3 Pro.

Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology

The noise cancelling technology was first introduced to be used in aircrafts to make them sound proof and it was way too expensive. But in today's world, the technology has evolved and become much cheaper, with high quality Noise Cancellation available at reasonable prices. One of the key benefits of Tranya’s advanced noise cancelling technology is that it prevents you from hearing background noises and provides high quality distraction free sound so that you don’t miss any detail. Whether you are at work or working out, you will be focused towards your aim.

Deep Bass with Builtin Mic

Tranya’s T3 Pro earbuds produces incredible bass along with crystal clear sound due to its remarkable technology, set to boost you up for going the extra mile during your workouts. Its built-in mic enables two-way communication so that you can respond and answer your calls without any distortion and problem.

High Quality Sound Streaming


Tranya has been using the most advanced and Realtek headphone chip in its earbuds that enables the user to stream in the best quality audio and listen to your favorite music, important official meetings, calls and conferences without any distortion.

Long Durable Battery Life

This is the most common problem you encounter while you are on a hunt to get wireless earbuds. Long durable battery life is really hard to find but now you don’t need to plug in your ear buds every hour for charging. With Tranya T3 Pro, you will have a long battery life. You can use your earbuds for up to 8 hours with a single charge and the charging case can provide another 7 x 8 playtime. You will get a total playtime of 60 hours along with the charging case which is exceptionally good. With the help of a long durable battery you won’t be getting any problems while travelling because it is long lasting and will not run out of power anytime soon.

Comfortable Wearing Experience

Different people, different ear shapes and sizes. Mostly you will hear from people that their earbuds do not fit perfectly, they are loose and not comfortable at all. You must be worried what if this pair of earbuds will also be like others that will cause you pain and discomfort? Don’t worry! Tranya’s earbuds are specially designed to fit in your ear with comfort. Additionally, it comes with different types of ear tips designed according to your ear shape and size that will improve your listening experience with comfort.

Smart Connectivity

In a busy world where everyone is in a race. No doubt, time is money. Nobody wants to spend hours configuring and connecting devices. Tranya’s earbuds are very easy to set up with your devices. With just a single tap you can connect it to your devices and listen to the best quality sound conveniently without any hassle.

Water Resistance IPX5 Technology

Another important feature while buying the earbuds is its water resistance technology that provides uninterrupted audio without getting affected by water or your workout sweats because we know that it is impossible to workout without getting sweaty and for that Tranya’s T3 Pro earbuds come with the advanced IPX5 water resistance technology that will make sure that your smart buds are protected from water and sweat.

No More Tangled Wires

Nobody wants to spend time untangling the wired earphones every single time before using and listening to anything. Our special T3 Pro earbuds use the advanced 5.0 Bluetooth technology offering great freedom especially if you are in the kitchen working all day long, doing sports or any activity that requires lots of movement because health comes first for sure and our earbuds put your health on top of everything and improvises to provide you your workout companion. You just need to tap and connect your smart earbuds and do cycling, jogging, gym and your favorite Zumba to improve your health and stay fit.

Sports man design: You must have heard of “The Sportsman Spirit”. Yes, keeping the same spirit in mind, Tranya has designed these T3 Pro earbuds to heighten up your spirits and meet your fashion sense because we just don’t sell earbuds, we sell trends as well.

Netflix and Chill with the Bass

With Tranya T3 Pro earbuds now you can watch all your favorite movies, seasons all day long with the best sound quality that gives you a theatre feel without hurting your ears. With our best bass in T3 Pro earbuds you can enjoy all day long without having to worry about battery running out.


You are not only investing your money but also your time then it is your right to know and search about all the pros and cons related to your purchase. We are definitely here to serve you as we are in the earbuds game for a long time and have always made every effort to put its customers first and come up with the most advanced, durable and fashionable earbuds equipped with the best products ensuring long life at affordable prices and an excellent after sales services. Tranya’s T3 Pro has the best features that work amazingly and smoothly. So what are you waiting for? You must have your hands on our amazing T3 Pro earbuds with 5.0 bluetooth technology.

Hurry up and grab your smart pair of earbuds now. https://tranya.com/products/t3-pro

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