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Make a style statement with TranyaGo

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Smartwatches have become an on-the-go gadget for a variety of uses. We all prefer things that can come in use for different purposes, gone are the days when watches were only meant to tell time. Smartwatches are a new rage especially if you have a busy lifestyle. Tranya has recently entered the wearable industry and launched a smartwatch known as ‘TranyaGo’ which can be your go-to product for any day. If you are thinking about getting a smartwatch, you might have already noticed many options available but all are very different from each other. It is up to your preference whether you go with a smartwatch having similar functions like TranyaGo or any other smartwatch with a higher price. To make your decision easy, we have listed everything about TranyaGo below.


Health and Fitness: It’s important to keep track of your physical activities to lead a healthy balanced life. To ensure your fitness, TranyaGo tracks your steps, calories, and other workout activities. Also, it has 9 fantastic sports modes. Analyze your overall health with real-time 24/7 heart rate monitoring so you can give a break when you find you are overdoing the exercise.


Glory Fit: You can know more functions or keep track of every statistic by installing Glory Fit App that will push you further whether in your workout or anything in between.


Design and display: We all love large displays because it takes little to no effort to check important details while we are stuck in something. TranyaGo has an ultra-large 1.69” high-resolution display that enables you to see all notifications quickly. With the lightweight and super comfortable band, you can wear this smartwatch all day.


Battery life: A wide high-resolution display is often one of the biggest reasons for your battery drains. We kept this in mind while designing TranyaGo. Enjoy bigger displays with better battery life. You can take our smartwatch anywhere on a long route without getting worried about the power as it comes with a battery of up to 7-10 days with just 2 hours of charging.


Sleep better, do better: A perfect sleep is vital to start your day with a smile. You can accomplish anything when you had a good sleep last night. We have equipped TranyaGo with modern technology that is able to detect sleeping cycles like uninterrupted sleep or light sleep.


Personalized watch face: Choose your mood according to your watch face. Select a new watch face every day with the existing image or any other picture you like, because you are the hero of your smartwatch.


IP-68 waterproof technology: This feature must be very important for all athletes or fitness freaks. TranyaGo smartwatch is equipped with IP-68 waterproof technology that will help you work out freely without getting tensed about your sweat. You can even engage in any kind of water activity as well.


Control everything on the wrist: Everything is on your wrist with TranyaGo. Take photos by simply shaking your wrist, quickly check all the notifications on the display while driving, or easily control your music from your wrist while doing cardio without taking your phone out.


Why choose TranyaGo?


Tranya has always tried to bring products with maximum features at an affordable price. It’s better to invest somewhere where you can get the same features at a much lesser price. All the features are great for everydays life and suits for every age or gender.

If you are willing to buy TranyaGo you can use “TranyaGo50” code to get 50% off.

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