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Power Up Your Bud Game with B530 Pro

The clear audio, wireless connection, superior sound, noise cancellation, comfortable fit and all the advanced technologies make the B530 Pro superior. The B530 Pro can be your perfect work companion. 

The demand for wireless earbuds is constantly increasing because you don’t need to plug in and go through all traditional wired methods. They are definitely convenient, portable, handy and easy to use. As earbuds are getting more famous, many different technologies have also been introduced. Features like noise cancelling, water resistance, high sound quality are being introduced.

Tranya has the best solution for all your problems because serving premium products is our top most priority. We have all that you are seeking for. Luxury designed B530 Pro will surely help you whether at work, workout or in your leisure time. Before opting out B530 Pro you should know why you should buy this pair.  So here are a few essential features you will be looking for when investing your time and bucks on a pair of earbuds. 

Tranya Wireless B530 Pro is totally hands-free as well as chord-free. You need to consider various buying factors to make the best decision before just joining the wireless earbuds bandwagon. Here are B530 Pro features to help you simply stay connected and keep playing.

Product Features

Noise cancelling earbuds: Effectively reduces the noise of hustle bustle of the city, hubbub in a busy office or drone of a plane cabin. The main and foremost feature that everyone is looking for; Noise Cancellation. A smart pair of earbuds can help you get rid of any embarrassing situation. Now you can stay focused on your goals. Listen to your important stuff on crystal clear calls with the help of 8.0 CVC that avoids unnecessary noises due to its most compatible noise cancellation technology which prevents all other noises coming from the surroundings. You must be lethargic working out daily, now you can focus on your goal through energetic songs.  Block the noises and only hear what you want to hear.

Deeper bass: This pair is specially structured to be a perfect combination for a music lover who loves to feel the deep bass. With the help of low sub bass resonance at 20Hz to 80Hz, you can listen to the rich dynamic sound. If you consider yourself a bass-head, this pair is your go to earbuds while pumping you during your heavy workouts and walks etc.

True Wireless Earbuds: No one wants the wire all over their bodies and you must be tired from the tangled wires. With the help of our latest wireless earbuds technology, you can talk and walk around easily. The Tranya's wireless B530 Pro earbuds are the right pair for you to multitask.

One-Step Pairing: B530 pro perhaps best known for incredible sound with Qualcomm Chip that provides the best quality enabling you to listen crystal and clear sound. This pair comes with a 5.0 chip that makes the earbuds very user friendly as it can be easily connected to your devices with just one step pairing technology, one tap and voila! You are connected and good to go.

All day long battery life: Mostly people prefer wireless earbuds over others because they are convenient, handy and easy to wear. However, not all earbuds are the same. We mostly have heard from different people that their earbuds have bad battery timings and it seems like they are out of battery all of a sudden. Not only when travelling but when you are at home, it can be really frustrating because all you want to do is complete your task, whether a call or your workout..So whenever you are looking for a wireless piece of earbuds then you must consider that whatever you are opting must have a long lasting battery life. B530 Pro gives you the ultimate solution because it gives around 80 hours of playtime with the charging case and upto 10 hours of non stop sound streaming on a single full charge and 1 hour playtime with just 10 minutes of charge.

Style and comfort: B530 pro is specially designed to meet the current fashion trends. Along with style, you also need comfort. We designed our special earbuds to be exceptionally comfortable so you can enjoy premium sound day in and day out. B530 Pro sporty designed buds perfectly fit comfortably in any ear size, and don't fall out when running or quickly turning your head. 

IPX5 waterproof technology: In order to stay fit, you need to workout and workout is incomplete without some music. With our waterproof IPX5 earbuds you don't need to worry about your sweat because we are here to take care of it. B530 pro is equipped with the advanced IPX5 water resistant technology that enhances your bud's life and gives you uninterrupted sound streaming because if you opt for waterproof technology it does not mean you will compromise on the sound quality. So now enjoy high performance with amazing sound quality.

Impeccable depth: No compromise on the quality of sound because now with the low bit rate of 384kbps, high-speed sound is transmitted over Bluetooth. Now you don’t have to miss even the small details because of low sound quality or distortion as B530 Pro has an excellently covered range of human hearing that makes sure you listen to every crisp of the conversation. 

There are many earbuds companies selling different wireless earbuds and you must be confused which one to choose. Tranya B530 Pro are the earbuds you are searching for.  The clear audio, wireless connection, superior sound, noise cancellation, comfortable fit and all the advanced technologies make the B530 Pro superior. The B530 Pro can be your perfect work companion. This pair is absolutely wonderful from work to workout and everything in between. These earbuds can be the best wireless earbuds you have been looking for.


  • Qualcomm Chip
  • aptX/AAC Compatible
  • CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation
  • Advanced 5.0 Bluetooth
  • Multiple Modes
  • HD and Crystal Clear Audio
  • IPX5 Waterproof
  • One-step pairing
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable Fit

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