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The Best Headphones For Kids

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Most kids will require headphones at some point in their life, whether for travel, entertainment, or school. It's time-saving to hand down a pair of grown-up headphones to children just to have your peace of mind, but this isn't the best option. Not only are the bigger size and weight of most adult headphones inconvenient for younger children, but the loudness levels of most adult headphones can result in great loss in a kid such as hearing loss. We all want to crank up the volume on our favorite rhythms, but doing so repeatedly can cause problems with our hearing especially at such a tender age. The best children's headphones are more than just bright colors and these headphones must include volume controls to safeguard their children's ears.


In comparison to adults, children have not been exposed to the noisy components that exist in the world. As a result, their hearing is good, but it will be harmed if they begin to use headphones at high levels. We live in the smartphone era, children begin using these headphones at a very young age. As a result, they must be protected from loud noises. As an adult, you must explain to them that noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible. Any hearing loss experienced at a young age will be troublesome in the future. To avoid any mishap, you should buy them a piece that is capable of producing good sound and is of good quality and durability to avoid any loss. We recommend you to invest in a nice pair of children's headphones, of which we have various options listed below:


Our picks for Kids:


  1. Puro JuniorJams: The Junior Jams are lightweight and comfortable to wear and have Bluetooth 4.0 with a 22 hours battery life. These noise-canceling headphones for kids block out 87% of ambient noise, making them one of the best kids’ headphones for flight travel since they allow kids to listen to their devices without having to turn up the volume to maximum. Even if they do, the level is kept to a safe 85 decibels.
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  1. JLab JBuddies Play: Perfect for student e-learning and for all types of social video games with voice chat. Lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. This pair fits a wide range of head sizes and works both wired and wirelessly.
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  1. Onanoff BuddyPhones Play:These headphones won't fall off even the tiniest heads, and they should be simple enough for small hands to operate without assistance. For parents looking for high-quality, low-cost headphones. The headband is bendable and robust, and the cushioned ear cushions make for a pleasant fit.
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  1. JR300 JBL: These headphones are wireless with a sound level below 85dB. The best part is customized stickers. If you're buying your child his or her first pair of headphones, this is a much better alternative. It is worth your consideration because of its low price and well-balanced features.
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    1. LilGadgets Untangled Pro:It has many of the same features as the wireless headphones, including a padded comfy design, a variety of colors, a sharing port, and a foldable, compact design. The primary difference is that instead of using Bluetooth, these kids’ headphones have a nylon braided wire that keeps them away from tangling.
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    What to look for when choosing the best headphones for kids?


    Durability: We all know how kids are. They like to experiment on everything so this one feature counts a lot as most children get their hand on everything and break them apart. It’s in their nature and you can’t change it. However, you can check the durability of the headphones before getting them for your kid.


    Price: It’s useless to pay a hefty amount for a pair of headphones that your child won’t even have an idea about. Something reasonable would work the same as an expensive one but that totally depends on your choice.


    Wireless: Not only adults but kids also like wireless products. It’s much more manageable and good to have a pair of headphones that are wireless. No cables, no tangling up.


    Style: Your children have no understanding of product quality, performance, or durability. They simply want it to feature their favorite character or anything similar to something they've seen someone wearing in public. Don’t just go with the outer beauty but first, check other features mentioned above then let your child choose the color and style they want.


    Tranya Kids’ Headphone: After working for several years and serving all audiophiles with classy master pieces and after several requests, we are finally working on something for kids. We will be launching it soon. Stay tuned and wait for the new season to have your hands on our kids' headphones.



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